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Blinds VS Curtains - Which is better for your bedroom?

Deciding between a curtain or a blind for your bedroom can be a tough decision. Each have their own unique advantages but which is best for you?

1. Blinds tend to be more durable

Depending on the type of blind you choose, these can be far more durable than a curtain. Choosing a basic plastic blind makes for easy cleaning and is ideal if you have young children or pets! Curtains are of course made from fabric which can often get stained.

2. Both can have great variety

When it comes to colours and patterns both blinds and curtains come in huge varieties. Standard roller blinds can be purchased in almost any colour or style just like curtains and blinds should not be overlooked when it comes to considering the amount of variety!

3. Privacy

In our option, both blinds and curtains can offer as much or as little privacy as you need but blinds take the lead slightly over this point due to their variety when it comes to privacy. As they can open both horizontally and vertically it is easy to have your blinds let in light from the bottom of your window whilst still keeping your bedroom private.

4. Design

Curtains can give a sense of warmth and coziness to a room, making it feel more “homely”. The fabric of curtains also acts as a sound buffer to help to quieten a room. Blinds, on the other hand, make a room seem larger because they are less intrusive, folding out of the way more easily.

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