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Keep cool this summer in Hertfordshire!

We’ve all been there, sat in our conservatories on a hot summers day in Hertfordshire sweating buckets, not wanting to move. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

We wanted to take the opportunity to explain a little more about conservatory sails and how they can help you keep cool in the summer heat! Did you know that at the top of your conservatory roof temperatures can exceed 70 degrees centigrade; which is hotter than the surface temperature of the hottest desert on the planet! Sail blinds work with all roof types, controlling heat and glare while keeping your space open and bathed in diffuse, natural light. It’s a win win for all!

So next question; how do they work to reduce heat? Firstly, they introduce shade. Shade helps to remove the direct effect of the heat from the sun and will significantly increase your comfort level on hot sunny days. Did you know the temperature in the shade on sunny days can be 10-15 degrees centigrade cooler?!

Conservatory blinds also help to increase ventilation. They allow for the warm air to be ventilated out of your conservatory through the roof, again further helping with to keep you cool. PS. they are also all made to measure so you can be sure your sails offer maximum protection from the summer heat!

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